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Build wealth by learning how to invest and trade, simplified with AI power.

If you have been thinking about learning to trade but don’t know where to start, then I invite you to check out my free short course. Here you will already notice why there are only a few people who really earn a lot of money on the stock market and how you can do it too.

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About Alexander Maschke

Alexander Maschke is a professional trader and investor with over 20 years of experience (active since 1999). His father was a broker with 17 companies in 17 countries in Europe & the USA, where Alexander was able to look over the shoulders of hundreds of traders as a child and also witnessed large multimillion-dollar deals. He and his father managed money for wealthy investors for several years and developed investment concepts.

He enjoys a high reputation among his colleagues and is known from lectures and his two YouTube channels.

Alexander is well connected to some of the best traders and AI programmers in the world and knows all the important developments in the field of making money

His focus is on maximizing investment returns while minimizing risk… and most importantly, enjoying time with family, friends and his favorite hobbies.

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(transl. from german: „Economy TV“)

How you can use the current crisis to your advantage

97.5% of people are losers in the current global crisis. Rising energy and food prices in the United States. Inflation is at its highest level in the last 40 years. Now is the right time to generate profits on the stock market with the AI ​​trading strategy. Entry and exit scenarios are very easy to determine with the AI ​​trading strategy due to the current volatile markets.

Passive approaches such as ETFs and dividend stocks can be a big mistake in times of crisis.

With this course you can develop a trading strategy that is 100% tailored to you, your age, your investment horizon and your ideas, which ensures that you can finally manage to trade profitably on the stock market.

Case studies of some customers

Results and income of some customers

Circa 90% of my regular users of my trading course have profitable results. Some of them created with this course there main income stream.


Diego was extremely dissatisfied with his job. Constantly working overtime, spending days on assembly and at the same time doing very physically demanding work was his daily bread.


To find a way that makes him independent financially, in terms of time and location.


With the help of Alexander Maschke and his AI trading strategy, he was given a system that shows Diego exactly which specific steps he needs to take in order to finally act profitably on the stock market and build independence.


Alexander has been trading for 15 years and has never managed to be really successful and profitable, his winnings were mostly just luck and he certainly couldn’t make a living from it.


Having a clear strategy that consistently brings him 4-5 digit profits.


Thanks to the AI ​​trading strategy, Alexander was able to achieve new record profits that were not dependent on luck anymore. It was more the opposite, with completely systematized and systematization and predictability.


Andre has tried to trade by himself many times in the past. Unfortunately without success, as there is no exact method.


His goal was to understand the stock market and have a clear plan that he simply had to stick to in order to generate 4-5 figure profits.


Thanks to Alexander Maschke’s instructions, Andre finally has a clear perspective of the really important and relevant factors and how to generate consistently high profits in the long term.


Sascha has been trading for a long time and had always difficulties in finding the right entry point. He has made far too many trades and never managed to make consistent profits


To have a clear strategy that brings you predictably high profits in order to build a life of freedom.


Thanks to the AI ​​trading strategy, Sascha finally understood what really matters and is now able to make high profits every month by himself.

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